Bed sheet material that fit your needs


For ultimate comfort, you’ll want the right bed sheet material. From cotton in the summer to flannel in the winter – find the perfect material for your needs with our guide below.

  • Cotton is the most popular sheet material because it’s breathable, durable, and easy to clean. Upland cotton is standard, while Egyptian and pima cotton are more luxurious.
  • Bamboo sheets are a top choice for moisture wicking while remaining smooth and durable.
  • Flannel is a winter favorite made of woven cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers that trap body heat and provide extra warmth.
  • Linen is a durable choice that is slightly thicker than most cotton sheets. It absorbs moisture to keep you comfortable during all seasons.
  • Satin: sheets are extra luxurious and feel silky and cool to the touch, which makes them a good choice for warmer climates and seasons.
  • Microfiber sheets are made from tightly woven synthetic fibers that are generally polyester or nylon and are thin but strong, feel soft, and retain body heat.
  • Silk is considered one of the most luxurious options with a smooth feel and strength to last for years.
  • Blended fabric makes for a durable, wrinkle-resistant, and generally more cost-conscious choice.
  • Jersey is a cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend that is knit instead of woven and feel like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt.


The Easy Sheet

“Making your bed has never been easier” Egyptian Cotton Four-Piece Fitted Top Sheet Set. The Easy Sheet is a Patented fitted top sheet made to fit around the end of the mattress and constructed to not fall off the bed.

Patented fitted top sheet

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