About The Easy Sheet®

When it's time for tucking in, stay tucked with this sheet set that features an elastic edge at the bottom of the top sheet so it won't come undone. The soft, cotton sheets will keep you snuggled in all night long. The Easy Sheet® is the only sheet with a Patented Zone of Expansion which allows you to flex and lift your feet without having your feet constrained. This is excellent for those with circulation problems in their legs.

  • The Easy Sheet® is a Patented bed sheet made to fit around the end of the mattress and constructed to not fall off the bed.
  • The Easy Sheet® is the only linen sheet with a ‘zone of expansion’ which allows ‘foot Space’ to move your feet so they do not feel constrained. The corners are finely tailored ‘hospital folds’.
  • The sides of The Easy Sheet® hang loose to allow you to kick your feet out from under the sheet.
  • Making the bed has never been easier. No sides to tuck in. Just walk up the Egyptian cotton sheet from the end of the bed and you are done.
  • The Easy sheet® will not come off the bed, until you take it off, so you will never have to re-tuck your top sheet again.

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