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Digital cotton printing can help reduce waste

When it comes to the last stages of processing cotton, computer technology has also produced its share of efficiencies. Digital cotton printing does exactly what the name suggests. Hardly a difficult concept to grasp, it uses digital files to print on garment. Yet this is still considered highly novel as most designs in garments are still printed with the help of a mechanical rotary screen. This traditional method means dyeing inputs need to be manually changed for every new pattern to be imprinted, wasting materials, chemicals, and mostly time.

With highly promising new technologies, seems like the cotton manufacturing is entering a new era or maybe not just yet, as most of these cutting edge techniques are still at the trial stage.

Ultimately, investment in the industry will be led by brand demand, ensuring that the upfront costs of innovation pay off.

“More and more retailers and textile brands have become involved deep into their supply chain over the past three years” including companies such as Easysheet. Their involvement is necessary to find a long-term solution to pay for the costs of improvements.

Giora Shavit

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