Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Easy Sheet unique?

  • The Easy Sheet Set comes as a 4-piece set and includes the Patented Fitted Top Sheet, which is fitted around the bottom of your mattress.
  • Unlike traditional sheets, it always stays tucked in, so it’s easy to remake your bed.

Why choose The Easy Sheet?

  • Best Selling Patented Fitted Top Sheet
  • You will never have to re-tuck your top sheet again!
  • Make Your Bed in Seconds
  • Choice of Size and Stunning Colors
  • Incredible Quality Top Sheet
  • Free Shipping to US Customers

Will this set of sheets fit my pillow top bed?

  • Yes, The Easy Sheets fit both standard and pillow top mattresses.

Will my feet be constricted with this product?

  • The Easy Sheet is constructed to stay on your mattress bottom and sides. With our ‘zone of expansion’, your feet will not be constricted, and you will have plenty of foot space for comfort.

Will the top sheet fall off the bed when I’m sleeping?

  • Because it is fitted along the bottom of your mattress, The Easy Sheet ensures that your top sheet ALWAYS stays tucked in and will not come un-tucked until you take it off the bed!

Does this product look like a regular set when the bed is made?

  • The bottom corners of the Easy Sheet are tailored into a neat and tidy ‘hospital corner’ so they look great.
  • The side panels that run along the sides of your bed are designed to drape evenly and symmetrically, but also hang loose so that you can kick your feet out during your night’s sleep. If you wish you can tuck in the side, but it is not necessary.

How easy is it to make the bed?

  • Remaking your bed has never been easier! When the Top Sheet stays put, all the rest of the covers do too. So, you simply pull up The Easy Sheet and the rest of the covers come with it, straighten it out a bit, and in seconds you are off to start your day.

Does this product work for everyone?

  • The Easy Sheet is great for everyone – adults, kids and the elderly. No one should struggle to make their bed. Making the bed is as simple as walking the Easy Sheet to the top of the bed.
  • The Easy sheet will not fall off your bed unless you remove it from the bed.

What sizes are available?

  • The Easy Sheet set comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Why 100% Egyptian cotton?

  • When it comes to sheets, cotton is king (and queen and full and twin). In other words: It’s the best. Top-of-the-line sheets are 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Second best is 100 percent pima cotton, also known by the trademarked name Supima. If a label says simply, “100 percent cotton,” assume that it’s American upland cotton, a rougher, less expensive variety.


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