How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Sheets?

How to remove the creases from your bed linen without ironing

  • The most popular fabric for bed linen is 100% cotton, and don’t they feel just great?
  • Italian bed linen is even more delightful, but it creases.
  • You buy bed linen, so it looks great on your bed, right?
  • So, the best way to remove wrinkles is by ironing because:
    • Beautiful ironed sheets not only look great but feel it too because the nap of the fabric is smoothed down by the ironing.
  • However, with the busy lives, we lead, who has time for ironing?

So, you might want to consider having your bed linen laundered by a professional. If you are going to use this method you need to have them laundered, and not dry-cleaned, why, because of the heavy-duty chemicals they use, which can damage cotton fabric

For those of you who do not want to iron your sheets, here are a few tips to get them looking as if you have.

You will need:

  • A water bottle spray
    • Water will release the wrinkles in the fabric
    • You might like to use water with a fragrance, there are many to choose from, and they will make your bed smell nice.
    • You can use tap water or fragranced water – they produce the same result.
  • Put your fitted sheet on the bed and then lightly spray it with your scented or plain linen water
  • Then add your flat sheet to the bed, tucking it in the foot of the bed and about one-third up the sides.

The trick here is to apply tension to the sheets.

  • The fitted sheet will have sufficient tension.
  • For the flat sheet, grab a corner (at the top of the bed), and pull it so that it is slightly taut. After that, give it a light misting with your water.
  • Then fill your pillowcases and suspend it with one hand and give it a light spray with the water.
  • Shake your pillowcase to remove any excess water.
  • Go through the same process again for each pillow or sham.

Hey presto! Your wrinkles have disappeared! You can use this procedure with your duvet cover too.

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